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In the Classroom

 General Policies

Late Attendance and Cancelation

After 5 minutes of tardiness, the student's primary contact will be contacted. After 10 minutes of tardiness, the student's secondary contact will be contacted. After 15 minutes of tardiness, the student will forfeit the class without refund.
Same-day cancelations will be charged at half-session rate.

Lesson Video Recording

Lessons will be recorded by default to the tutor's computer. Clients with membership will receive lesson recordings, available for 2 weeks. Recordings will be archived for a maximum of 6 months. Recordings are not guaranteed, as technical problems are liable to occur. Students may record or download any lessons to their own computers. Clients may request that the lessons not be recorded.

Lessons and Payments Log

Every client will be issued a "Lessons and Payments Log" which will show the history of lessons provided and payments received. The log will be kept up to date by the Paragon administration.

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